Antarctica Hammockpedition

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Color Cloud made it to the 7th continent! Thanks to intrepid adventurer Mark Walsh for putting Antarctica on our map. Despite the general lack of trees and other "normal" hammocking situations, Mark persevered and sent [...]

Snowtime for Hammocking

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You may think it's no time for hammocking when the windows are frosty and the flurries are falling, but don't be fooled. Snowtime hammocking is happy, so cuddle up in a your cloud and get cozy. Last winter, some of our favorite hard core hammockers sent us these "snow-hammocking" photos.

Time for the SUPERCLOUD Playoffs!

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Whether you're cheering for the red and blue or the blue and red, we know what Color Cloud combination you want to win this year. So, get your spirit colors on and let us know who you'll be cheering for on February 5th.

Hammocking Resolutions for a Bright and Beautiful 2012

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Did you make resolutions for 2012? We did. When the new year rolled around last week we made some promises to make our 2012 and yours the best and brightest year possible.

Cloudy Cubans

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Clouds of cigar smoke aren't the only things hanging over Havana. Steph and Chris demonstrate how to float above the smoke rings high over Havana's Capitol square. NOTE:  *Use caution if you try this at [...]

Our Favorite Things #12: Rainbows

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We love rainbows, and we’ve saved them for last because they are one of our most favorite things. Rainbows make every day better. In fact, one of the reasons Color Cloud Hammocks come in so many color combinations is that we believe that everyone deserves their own rainbow.

Our Favorite Things #11: Silver Linings

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When you’re in the business of selling clouds, you make a habit of looking for the silver lining in everything. Naturally, when we first learned about Silver Lining cards, they quickly became one of our favorite things.

Our Favorite Things #10: Toys

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Kids of all ages love hammocks, just like kids of all ages love to play. We love playing too, and that's why today’s favorite thing is one of our favorite toys – Tegu Blocks.

Our Favorite Things #9: Creating

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Who knew that you could pack awesomeness into a hammock pocket? The people over at Make Awesomeness, that’s who.

Our Favorite Things #8: Water

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We’ve already told you that Giving is one of our favorite things, but we actually believe in giving so much, that it’s made our list twice. This time, we’re sharing another one of our favorite charities, charity: water.

Our Favorite Things #7: Snacks

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Hammocking makes you hungry, so it’s important to be packing a snack in your hammock pocket. We like healthy snacks the best, which is why Skout Trailbars are one of our favorite things.

Our Favorite Things #6: Travel

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If you’ve ever taken a peek at our Cloud Tracker, you know that Travel is definitely one of our favorite things. A hammock of course is the ultimate travel companion, but what favorite adventure accessory fits into a hammock pocket? Meet TrekDek.