We’ve already told you that Giving is one of our favorite things, but we actually believe in giving so much, that it’s made our list twice. This time, we’re sharing another one of our favorite charities, charity: water.

charity: water is on a mission to bring clean drinking water to every person on the planet. The thing we love about charity: water is that it’s an organization that believes in Water Proofing – providing proof of where each donor’s money has gone to give clean water.

And while you can’t fit a well in a hammock pocket, you can certainly fit a bottle of water. After all, hydration is important when you’re hard-core hammocking.

Should you be wondering, Color Cloud hammocks are water resistant, but not waterproof. While this is a good model for charity: water, a waterproof hammock would turn into a hanging swimming pool.

PS. Here’s 5 creative ideas to give the gift of water for the holidays –> www.charitywater.org/holidays/

Disclaimer: We send loads of gratitude to charity: water for their awesomeness, but nothing else was exchanged. Check them out, and if giving is one of your favorite things, they’re a great place to donate your dollars.