Seven has always been a lucky number, and we’re over the moon (and over the clouds too) to be celebrating our 7th Birthday this week!

Our Birthday Wish

When we blew out the candle on our first birthday cake seven years ago, we made a wish. That wish wasn’t only to get people to buy lots of hammocks. We wished that this little business we had dreamed up would deliver bright spots into peoples lives.

Over the past seven years, we’ve seen this wish come true again and again. And as we celebrate our seventh, we stopped to think of some of our own brightest Color Cloud moments.

Creating Colorful Moments with Color Cloud Hammocks


Like that time we painted Chattanooga with the world’s longest hammock flash-mob chain across the Walnut Street bridge. Then celebrated our love for the Gig city with a rainbow themed hangout.


We’re proud of the annual bright spots we’ve been a part of every year at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. And being named the favorite hammock brand by our favorite T-Rex (and his extinct friends).


We were shining brightly, that moment during our first year when we shipped a hammock to every single continent on the globe. Yep, all SEVEN! We’ve tracked at least two Color Clouds to hammock lovers in Antarctica! In fact, with your help, we’ve tracked your hammocking bright spots all around the globe on the Color Cloud Hammock tracker.


Watching as our hammocks have woven threads of bright spots through the different seasons of all of our lives has also been a big bright spot. New puppies. New significant others. New marriages. New family members. Hammocks were made for celebrating!


Created to Make the World Brighter for All

Our bright spots around the world aren’t only shared by those us who’ve been hanging out in hammocks. Over the past 7 years, we’ve held high our commitment to fair wages and economic empowerment, working with women to Cambodia and Ethiopia to craft each and every Color Cloud Hammock.


Most importantly, we’re grateful for each of you in our Color Cloud community for making and sharing these moments with us. You shining brightly and living colorfully in your hammock is out biggest bright spot of all!


Follow us on @inacolorcloud on Instagram this week as we share our brightest moments from the Color Cloud history books. We’d love for you to share your favorite Color Cloud moments too. Tag us #BrightSpots and thanks for being part of making our wish come true.