Ethiopia Exuberance

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How much happiness can a hammock hold? DJ Trischler captured this moment while on a trip to Gambela, Ethiopia with his Drunken Sailor double hammock. While we don't recommend putting 7 kids in a hammock, this [...]

Ho Ho Holiday, Ho Ho Hammocks

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This holiday, give the holiday that lasts all year long, a Color Cloud Hammock.

Rainbow Friday and a Weekend of Gratitude

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At Color Cloud Hammocks we're especially thankful this year, so we've organized a special weekend of gratitude and good holiday deals.

Seychelles Siesta

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Napping under the palm trees and watching the sea on Mahe Island, Seychelles.

Airtime Armenia

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Hanging high in the mountains near Nurnus Armenia.  

Bokor Mountain Break

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Swinging in a Color Cloud is the perfect break for a cloudy day on Cambodia's Bokor Mountain.

Oh the Places You’ll Float

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In honor of all the 2012 graduating Seniors who love (and want) a Color Cloud Hammock, we wrote a little poem... (with some help from Dr. Seuss). Congratulations Graduates!

Kicking Back Khmer Style

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Ratana and Seyha kick back in a Color Cloud while snorkeling off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Extreme Swinging Samui

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How could you resist attempting to hang a Color Cloud from this perfect palm tree on Thailands amazing island of Samui? Teresa and Stephanie couldn't. (Climbing palm trees is dangerous. Don't try this at home) [...]

100 Clouds Flash Chattanooga

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It started as a random idea. We love hammocks (of course). We love Chattanooga. And we've always wanted to be in a flash mob. Why not combine all of the above?

Swinging Over Seoul

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John, Color Cloud's original Italian Stallion, swings high over Seoul City.

48Hour #CHA Love

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Creativity happens in the clouds! Designers, developers and entrepreneurs reenergize and brainstorm in the Hammock Lounge during Chattanooga's startup weekend -- 48Hour Launch: City Love Edition.