July 22 is National Hammock Day and it’s time to put your feet up and celebrate in with a Color Cloud Hammock!

Not sure how to celebrate hammock day? We’ve put together 22 great ideas for you to hang out and be happy! (And if you don’t have a Color Cloud Hammock yet, but sure to check out #22 –we’ve got a special deal you won’t want to miss this hammock day!)

22 Ways to Rock National Hammock Day

  1. Take a power nap
  2. Have a hammock picnic
  3. Take your hammock to work
  4. (or better yet) Work from your hammock
  5. Have a beer in your hammock
  6. Level that up to a giant martini
  7. Play Scrabble
  8. Facetime a friend napping in their hammock
  9. Relax by the beach (watch out for coconuts in your hammock trees)
  10. Take your hammock on a boat
  11. Go for a hammock hike with friends
  12. Hide a treat in your hammock pocket
  13. Put your kids in a hammock for nap time
  14. Kiss your sweetheart
  15. Hammock Yoga
  16. Read a book
  17. Throw a hammock party
  18. Play hide and seek
  19. Meditate
  20. Eat dinner in your hammock
  21. Make your hammock destination bucket list
  22. Buy a hammock for a friend. Use code #give22 to get 22$ off through July 22!

Think, you’re a hammock day master? Do all 22 things on the list and we’ll give you a set of our sport straps! Just tag us @inacolorcloud on instagram in each of your photos to prove you’ve unlocked each task.
Happy Hammocking!