When you’re in the business of selling clouds, you make a habit of looking for the silver lining in everything. Naturally, when we first learned about Silver Lining cards, they quickly became one of our favorite things.

The Silver Lining campaign is the brain child of SPACIOUS, a movement to encourage people to live without limits. The idea behind a Silver Lining card is that you pack it in your pocket or purse and have it at the ready when you see someone doing something out-of-the-box inspirational. You can give a little Silver Lining card to thank a friend or stranger for inspiring you, and encourage them to continue passing on that same joy to others.

One thing that we’ve found inspires others is hanging up a Color Cloud in an out-of-the-box, or out-of-the-trees, kind of place. It’s amazing how flying your colors in a public space, or even a parking space, can brighten someone’s day.

The world of ordinary clouds can get quite overcast without people to bring sunshine and joy. So keep some Silver Lining in your hammock pocket and double inspire someone today.

Silver Linings for Sale.

Disclaimer: We love the people behind Silver Lining cards, and actually all people who inspire others. They aren’t, however, receiving anything from being one of our favorite things. Check out the Silver Lining campaign here and make them one of your favorites.