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There are lots of hammocks out there. Why buy a Color Cloud?

Color Cloud hammocks are not only Functional, they are Fashionable and Fair.

Functional: With an easy-to-hang rope and hook, you can set up your Color Cloud Hammock in no time, leaving much more time for the FUN part of functional. Each hammock features a book pocket to keep your phone, book, camera or iPad at hand while you take a cloud nap.

Fashionable: You can hang any hammock between two trees, but only a Color Cloud Hammock brings flare to the forest. With 6 popular color combinations in our new collection, our unique color combinations match every outdoor personality.

Fair: Every Color Cloud Hammock has been crafted in a family-owned local business in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, primarily employing women. We know it costs more to pay someone fairly to carefully create each Color Cloud but we believe that it is worth it. We want Color Cloud Hammocks to make the world a better place and this is how we ensure that every cloud has a silver lining.

We’re happy to send your purchase as a gift. Please contact us with the recipient’s name and message to be included.

We accept credit card payments securely through Stripe. If you would prefer to give us your credit card number over the phone please contact us to arrange your purchase.

Color Cloud Hammocks carry a 1 year standard use warranty, and we will replace or repair any hammock which fails under manufacturing defects. If you feel that your Color Cloud Hammock has a manufacturing defect please contact us. Replacement of hammocks which fail due to misuse, abuse, or reasonable wear and tear are not covered under this warranty.  Failure to comply with Cloud Warning and Cloud Care guidelines will void warranty, especially if the product is permanently positioned out of doors and shows signs of weather damage. Proof of purchase date is required for replacement under warranty.

If an item received is damaged or defective in any way please contact us with within 3 days of the receipt of your order. We will happily arrange a replacement or refund.

Returns of unused merchandise in original condition are accepted within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Shipping costs are non-refundable and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

Color Cloud Hammocks collects sales tax for orders shipped to destinations in Minnesota and the District of Columbia. Sales tax is calculated based on the sales tax rate for the order shipping address.

Items are shipped within 48 hours of purchase via USPS Priority Mail with a standard delivery time of 2-5 business days within the U.S. based on location. Please contact us directly for expedited shipping or international delivery.

Our hammocks are travel hammocks made of superfine polyester fabric and are not recommended for permanent positioning out of doors. Extended exposure to sun and weather may weaken the fabric.

Your Color Cloud Hammock is made of superfine polyester and should be treated with care. We recommend hand-washing in mild detergent or try hang-washing: hang your hammock somewhere that can get wet, scrub it out with soapy water, rinse and simply leave to dry. Do not machine wash or dry.

Your life is complicated, hanging your hammock shouldn’t be.

Each Color Cloud comes complete with a rope and hook system to get you floating in no time.

While the most conventional place to hang your hammock is between two trees, this isn’t any ordinary hammock. This is a cloud, and the sky is the limit.

Posts, poles, signs, fences, window frames, sailboat masts, ship railings, roof racks, and garden trellis can make suitable hammock homes. Always test the weight bearing strength of wherever you will anchor your hammock to ensure it will support your weight adequately. Once you have found a secure hammock hanging home, loop the end rope around the anchor point and use the hook to secure it to itself.

Your weight in the hammock will pull the ropes taut and allow for a safe free-floating experience. Always sit carefully in the hammock with your feet planted on the ground to test the security of your hanging before relaxing in your cloud. Be sure not to lean backwards to prevent tipping over the hammock, and always check the ground underneath your hammock to ensure there aren’t any sharp or hard objects that could injure you if you fall. And don’t hang your hammock near a fire.

Hanging in any hammock can be dangerous. Be careful, follow the hanging instructions, and don’t exceed the safe weight limits.

The Safety Facts:

Recommended hanging height of a hammock is 3-4 feet.
Our hooks and ropes are safe up to 400 lbs (on double hammocks).
Be sure to check the knots to ensure they are secure before hammocking.
Not recommended for permanent positioning out of doors (extended exposure to sun and weather will weaken the fabric).
Don’t hang your hammock on a cliff. Don’t leave your hammock outside in the weather for weeks. Don’t spin around in your hammock. Don’t try to hammock surf. Color Cloud Hammocks can’t be responsible if you do something stupid. (If you are planning to hang your hammock in Washington DC you may also want to know that National Park rangers frown on hammock hanging from Federally Protected Cherry Blossom Trees.)

Re-tying Knots: If you need to remove the rope and hooks, always be sure to re-tie them securely using the bowline knot.


Here’s a little tutorial on how to hang your Color Cloud: (click the images to enlarge)

If you need to re-tie your knots, here’s a handy guide: (click to enlarge)