Five Years of Color Cloud

Color Cloud Hammocks turned FIVE this week! And we’ve got lots of reasons to celebrate!

To get the party started, we’re over the moon to announce the launch of our brand new 2016 collection of Color Cloud Hammocks made in Ethiopia. And to thank you for being part of our ever-growing Color Cloud Hammocks community, we’ve got a special birthday bonus sale just for you.

But first, we want to share someof our favorite hammock adventures you’ve made happen as part of the Color Cloud community over the last five years:

  • Color Cloud Hammocks have been tracked across all seven continents and in 29 countries. And our Clouds are floating in more than 30 states in the U.S. (tag us on Instagram and show us where you’re floating).
  • We hosted a hundred hammock hangout in Chattanooga, TN.
  • Color Cloud enthusiasts are a creative bunch, hanging their clouds in creative contexts, including carefully circling cacti, slung under a sailboat, collaring crusty camels, and posted on public art!
  • Our clouds brought color to many occasions including wedding days, birthdays, and plain old workdays!
  • Color Cloud Hammocks have been well loved by a host of hammockers—from kids, to dogs and even snowmen!

Now, about that sale—between now and October 23, use code BIRTHDAYPARTY5 and we’ll give you 10% off any hammock order from our new collection. That’s 5% for an amazing first five years, and 5% for the next five amazing years to come.

In the meantime, grab a cupcake, put your feet up, and belt out some Happy Birthday!