There is a moment at sea, when the golden sun melts into the blue of the horizon, kissing the ocean goodnight. In this moment of stillness, everything in life slows down and the things that aren’t perfect melt away with the disappearing day. While sunsets can be viewed from anywhere, we know that sailors far and wide have the best vantage point. There is not much more magical than stringing up a hammock on the bow of a ship or the mast of a sailboat and watching the sky dance in the colors of dusk. To honor this moment and sunset watching sailors near and far, we’ve designed “On The Bow” the perfect sea-faring hammock, in tropical blue and sunset yellow. It doesn’t matter if you’re drifting at sea or hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean, On the Bow is designed to help you float away. Go on, put your feet up and rock like the sea breeze.