Even though there are thousands of things that fit into a hammock pocket, we call our signature hammock pouch the “book pocket” because it’s undeniable that even in the digital age, one of the best things to do in a hammock is kick back with a good book. Books, yes, the ones with paper pages, are still one of our favorite things.

One of our favorite books is the Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. We like the idea he’s spreading of extraordinary living and dream chasing.

Last year Color Cloud joined Chris and a few hundred of his non-conformist friends at the first annual World Domination Summit in Portland. They provided non-conformity, and we provided a hammock lounge for napping.

Go ahead, be a non-conformist. Put away your smart phone and nap with a novel.

PS. The Art of Non-Conformity may not be our favorite book for very long. Rumor is Chris’ new book about the $100 Startup hits the shelves in May. Since we started Color Cloud with 16$, we think it’s a book we’ll like.

Disclaimer: There are no kickbacks in our favorite things project. The only kickbacks we believe in are those that happen with a good book in a hammock. We like what Chris is doing, and hope you’ll check out his book as well as the Art of Non-Conformity Blog.