Hammocking is a barefoot sport, but anyone who’s hung in a hammock after the leaves have changed color, knows that a warm pair of socks are a most essential hammocking accessory.

Our favorite socks to keep our toes toasty this year are from Good Hew. We like them because they’re awesome, and also because they’ve been knit with personality. Good Hew’s mission is to make “a sock for every walk in the walk of life.” No two toes are alike, so why shouldn’t your socks match your life?

At Color Cloud, we believe the same thing about hammocks. You are unique, and our colors should match your colors. That’s why there are so many different combinations to choose from.

So this year, prepare for your winter hammocking with socks and a hammock that match you. And if your toes get too toasty, you can always tuck your socks in your hammock pocket.

PS. If you’re shopping to give a Color Cloud as a gift this year, and aren’t sure which color combo is the right match for that special person on your list consider giving Cloud Cash. We’ll make sure they get the hammock to match.

Disclaimer: Good Hew socks are a favorite things of ours that we want to share with you.  No party is benefiting from this blog post, but your toes will have a party in your socks if you get some Good Hew socks. We hope you’ll check them out.