What goes perfectly with blue skies, cottony clouds, and a breeze that makes your hammock sway in the sunshine? A pocket full of terrific tunes, of course.

Music is without a doubt one of our favorite things. This season we’re packing the tunes from independent artist Kelley McRae into our Sour Mango hammock pocket.

We first met up with Kelley when she toured through the South on her Great VW Van Camper Tour, and it was love at first note.

Kelley taking a Color Cloud break in her Sour Mango hammock on the Pacific Northwest coast. (photo courtesy Kelley McRae)

Kelley makes our favorite list because not only does she sound great, but we love her spirit of true living that led her to pack up her NYC life and chase her dreams across the country living in a camper van. Whether you’re an artist or just a groupie for a great band, we think if you’re going to live in a camper van you should definitely have a hammock.

When we found out Kelley’s true living tour was sponsored by True Lemon, we knew the perfect Color Cloud for her musical wanderings was our Sour Mango hammock.

Of course, no matter what side of the stage you’re on when the curtain goes up, we all know that even the best music sounds better in a hammock.

And whether your music comes in a cd or an iPod, both fit conveniently in our hammock pocket.

What are you waiting for? Kick back in a cloud and crank up the tunes.

Disclaimer: Kelley is one of our favorite things, but she isn’t getting anything out of this blog post other than our gratitude for being awesome. We hope you’ll visit her site and check out her music for yourself.