Once upon a time, many years ago, all of the people from blueORANGEworld lived on an actual ship.  She was a beautiful Italian ship called the M/V Anastasis that did a lot of beautiful things to bring hope to the poor in West African port cities.  Even though this ship doesn’t exist anymore, you might say that the idea of Color Cloud Hammocks and the friendships that brought them to life, were born on this ship’s bow.

Our “On the Bow” Color Cloud is our way of keeping that bow alive.  This hammock is especially dedicated to everyone who has ever spent an afternoon on a sail there, or made waffles or watched dolphins or sunsets, or slept under the stars there.

And even if you’ve never been on this special bow we’re talking about, you might know another bow.  And you might remember the particular way the golden sun melted into the ocean blue and took you away, for a few moments, from everything in life that wasn’t perfect.

We chose gold and blue for this Color Cloud to honor that moment.  While our favorite bow is buried at sea, we know that there’s lots more bows out there.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the bow of a cruise ship, hospital ship, sailboat or dug out canoe, find a place to string up your hammock, because there’s lots more bow memories to be made.

What’s your favorite bow memory?

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(A very special thanks to Mercy Ships and the talented Joshua Fletcher for our historic bow photos.)