Color Cloud users come from both sides of the party lines – that’s why there are two hues in every hammock. You aren’t all American, and we don’t all love politics, but still we’re all proud of our own roots and that’s why we’ve got “Inauguration” the hammock. No matter if you sit on the blue side or red side, you’ll love this Color Cloud wherever you swing.

Inauguration is a pretty amazing event that happens in the blueORANGEworld Washington DC neighborhood every four years. A new US President takes the White House and millions of people take to the National Mall to watch. This always happens in January – one of the coldest months in the North American year, but patriotic people stand outside for hours to watch it because it’s just too important for weather to keep them away.

Hammocking is kind of like that too. You don’t have to pack away your hammock just because there is snow falling. Winter hammocking? Yes we can. Pull on those red white and blue mittens, wrap up in a blanket, fill your mug with hot cocoa and snuggle yourself into a winter cocoon.

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