We love blue. After all, we don’t call ourselves blueORANGEworld for nothing. So what do you get when you mix two hues of blues? We think a Drunken Sailor.

Pacific blue as deep as the ocean and as calm as the doldrums reminds us of all things sailing, while sapphire blue the color of a Bombay bottle reminds us of many a mariner’s favorite beverage. Too many days at sea with nothing but a hammock, a horizon, and a heavy pour. Well, you get it.

While we can’t recommend too many drams of the ole seawater if you’re actually sailing a vessel (since we promote safety first), we certainly do recommend hammocking at sea. Anchor your hammock line securely to the mast, boom or main and try floating in a Cloud that is floating on the water. We think it is amazing. And if you’re a little crazy like us, you can even hammock at sea while dressed like a pirate. Yo ho ho and a bottle of gin.

Where would you like to sail with your Color Cloud someday?

Get a Drunken Sailor for just $47