Deep green forest, the scent of pine, the blaze of a campfire and you relaxing in your Color Cloud hammock.  We love camping.  This hammock got its name because it reminds us of sitting around under the evergreen trees, roasting marshmallows and telling campfire stories.

Whether it’s car camping, a backcountry deep-woods adventure, or just backyard camping with your kids, your Color Cloud hammock is lightweight and makes a great tent alternative.  It’s easier to put up, has no tricky poles and is also much easier to fit back in its bag if your follow the simple hammock folding instructions.

Do take your color cloud camping.  Do enjoy a fire in the forest.  But don’t hang your Color Cloud too close, and don’t forget what you learned as a kid from Smokey Bear, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

What’s your favorite campfire song?

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