Each morning at 11 am EST between now and December 7th, we’ll be featuring a Color Cloud combo of the day. The Color Cloud combo of the day will sell for $47 dollars until we run out of stock.  At this price, our colors will fly off the shelves quickly – so be sure to shop early.

Come back every morning at 11am EST to discover the cloud du’ jour.  You may even find other surprises.  And you’ll learn how our Color Cloud hammocks got their special names.

Update: 12 Clouds of Christmas Riddle

We know you’re probably having a hard time choosing which Color Cloud to order, and it might help if you knew which ones were going to go on sale. However, if we just gave you a list, it would take all the fun out of the surprise factor. And Color Cloud hammocks are all about fun. So we decided, in the spirit of fun and Color Clouds, to give you a little Christmas riddle to solve instead.

Solve your Cloud shopping dilemma by answering each of the following 12 Clouds of Christmas riddles with the right Color Cloud combo name. We’ve filled in the first five to get you started:

On the first day of Christmas, Color Cloud Hammocks sent to me…

  1. What would pair perfectly with a partridge in a pear tree?   Purple Rain
  2. Which cloud is named for a place both a turtle and doves might live near?  Red Sea
  3. What is a purple spice that would liven up french hens?   Thai Basil
  4. Which cloud starts with a calling bird that can say your name?   Parrot Fish
  5. What is golden and has smoke rings?   Forest Fire
  6. What makes the best weather for a-laying in the park? _____________
  7. What could be a favorite place to go a-swimming? _______ ______ _______
  8. Where might you find mountain maids a-milking? ________ _______
  9. What is the best chip dip to go with spicy ladies dancing? _________ ________
  10. Who might you see a-leaping on shore leave? _______ _______
  11. At what patriotic event in January would you hear pipers piping? ______________
  12. Where’s the best spot on deck to watch African drummers drumming ashore? ____ ___ ____

Happy solving! Keep watching to see if you guessed correctly. But don’t forget to order soon so we can make sure to fill your order by Christmas!