Deep beneath the sea there is a magical world. Sunbeams break through the surface above, illuminating the colorful reefs that team with life. While we divers always hope to see big things like whale sharks and manta rays when we go down into the aquatic world, what we typically see is fish. Lots of them. And one of the fish that always brings a smile is the rainbow-colored Parrot Fish.

While the Parrot Fish is a common fish with weird teeth, its hot pink and bright blue iridescent glow make it extraordinary. Swimming after a Parrot Fish 50 feet below is like being in a scene straight out of finding Nemo (without the talking animals).

This underwater world is where we got our inspiration for our Parrot Fish hammock. While we have never taken a Color Cloud to the depths (since you can float down there without a hammock), we can attest that Clouds do make great places to wait out your surface interval between visits to the ocean floor. And if you aren’t the diving type, well now you too can enjoy the Parrot Fish on land.

We like Parrot Fish.  What’s your favorite thing to see under the sea?

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