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In the great state of Virginia, the Shenandoah River cuts a winding valley through the Eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains creating a picturesque rolling landscape.  It only takes watching one sunset from the famous skyline drive to know why they call this place the Blue Ridge. Believe it or not, there is an actual chemical phenomenon that gives the green trees on these hills their blue hue.

Once you see the horizon from the Blue Ridge, you’ll also know why we wanted to create this Color Cloud. The Blue Ridge mountains are gorgeous, and an easy get away for East coast city dwellers to breathe in some fresh air and practice the art of day hammocking. And, lest we forget, it’s also the heart of Virginia wine country. If you’re near the Blue Ridge, it’s worth the drive. Pack a picnic, hit the trail, hang you hammock by a quiet waterfall, and toast the sunset with a bottle of local liquid art.  And don’t worry, if you’re far from the actual Blue Ridge. You can still escape for a day to your local trees in whatever Color Cloud combo you’ve got.

Where are you going to escape to this weekend?

8 in stock


Product Description

Measuring 9’ long by 7.5’ wide, each double Color Cloud hammock safely and comfortably holds up to 400 lbs. Fashioned from quick-drying superfine polyester, a reinforced middle seam adds extra support, and a handy 7.5“ x 9” inside pocket keeps your book, camera or phone within reach.

Each hammock comes ready to hang with 90” of weatherproof polypropylene rope fitted to each end and attached securely to a heavy duty S-hook. The included hanging system extends the hook-to-hook hammock length to nearly 20’, enabling a hanging distance of approximately 15’ between trees/posts/anchor points.

Packed up in its matching 1-liter stuff sack, the hammock weighs just over 2 lbs and measures 10” x 5” x 5” to easily fit into a daypack, picnic basket or overnight bag.