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4th Cloud of Christmas: Parrot Fish

While the Parrot Fish is a common fish with weird teeth, its hot pink and bright blue iridescent glow make it extraordinary. Swimming after a Parrot Fish 50 feet below is like being in a scene straight out of finding Nemo (without the talking animals). This underwater world is where we got our inspiration for our Parrot Fish hammock.

November 29th, 2010|cloud stories|Comments Off on 4th Cloud of Christmas: Parrot Fish

3rd Cloud of Christmas: Thai Basil

We love Thai food. Fresh flavors blended with sheer spicy deliciousness are the secret to the magical cuisine of the Land of Smiles. We all know about the chilis, and lemongrass, but one spice we can’t overlook is the beautiful and fragrant Thai Basil.

November 28th, 2010|cloud stories|1 Comment

2nd Cloud of Christmas: Red Sea

The Sinai peninsula is surrounded by the bluest blue ocean you have ever seen. While we aren’t sure why they named this blue sea red, what we are sure of is that this sea is inspiring, and so we’ve named a hammock after it.

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1st Cloud of Christmas: Purple Rain

You should know, that while Color Cloud hammocks aren’t waterproof, rain doesn’t hurt them. And no one ever said you can’t hammock in the rain. In fact, give it a try, it’s kind of fun, and I bet I can guess what song you’ll be humming…

November 26th, 2010|cloud stories|1 Comment

Rainbow Friday

We used to believe in Buy Nothing Day, but then we invented the Color Cloud. This year, we've decided to turn Black Friday into Rainbow Friday with our 12 Clouds of Christmas sale.

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