Once a year the world celebrates International Women’s Day, but at Color Cloud Hammocks, we celebrate women doing great work everyday!

Did you know that Color Cloud Hammocks was founded by women, and every hammock we’ve sold has been made by women?

We’re proud to have female founders who introduced a fabulous product loved by men and women alike in the male-dominated market of outdoor equipment. It makes us different, and with female decision-makers around the table it helps to ensure that the products in our Shop work for everyone.

We’re also proud that our hammocks are made differently from every other travel hammock on the market today. From the very first hammock made by Color Cloud Hammocks, we made the intentional choice to forgo big factories and low-cost supply chains to invest into the communities where our hammocks are created.  Today, just like every day since 2010, Color Cloud Hammocks works with skilled women to individually sew each hammock and ensure them a fair and living wage for their work. We are proudly sweatshop-free and committed to direct and sustainable trade.

We started out small, working with three women in Cambodia, and have grown to producing hammocks at a predominantly-female textile center in Ethiopia. We want our hammocks to make a difference in your life, and in the lives of every person who touches them along the way.

Happy Hammocking!