It’s Valentine’s Week! No gift? No valentine? No plan? Don’t lose heart. We’ve got the cure for all your Valentine’s Day woes.

No gift? Shop the Color Cloud Double Hammock

This year, show the one you love that your favorite thing in the world is to hang out with them. Nothing says this better then the hammock built for two. Go on, cuddle in a cloud. It’s Valentine’s Day after all.

No Valentine? Try our Color Cloud Pickup Lines

If your problem isn’t finding the perfect gift, but rather finding the other half of your duo, we think we can help there too.

It’s been proven that no one can resist a hottie in a hammock. In fact, our Color Cloud Cupids have been working on some special pickup lines guaranteed to sweep someone off their feet and right into your hammock. We’ve even been making special Valentines Candy Pick Up Hearts over at Instagram just for you.

  • We should hang out some time.
  • I’d like to swipe you right into my hammock.
  • If you hang around long enough, I may get attached to you.
  • You look amazing in that color, but you’d look even more amazing in my Color Cloud.

Have a hammock pickup line we should know about or an idea for a hammock candy heart? Leave it in our candy heart comments on our Instagram feed and we’ll send the best ones on to our Color Cloud Cupid.

If you do find a knight in shining armor using our pick up lines, please ensure he removes his sword for safe hammocking)

No plan? Get your order in today.

Well, we can only help out so much since we’re a hammock company and not a dating service. But we guarantee this: We can deliver the sky to you for Valentine’s Day if you get your order to us by Feb 9*. If you’ve already missed the shipping deadline, how about a gift card?

It will be love at first float. We promise.