River Number Two…….for so many of us just the name evokes such memories. For me it was a place of rest- of peace in the midst of the storm that was Sierra Leone at the end of the war. A place of stunning beauty. The lush green mountains touch the white sands and the sands the turquoise Atlantic.

It was a place to escape, if only for a few hours, the sadness of Freetown. A place so contrary to the internally displaced people camps I worked in. A place to breathe in the scent of the ocean and forget the smell of open sewers. A refuge. God’s beauty surviving man’s attempt to destroy.

When I left Sierra Leone, part of my heart remained. It only seems right that I now carry something to remind me of her as I continue on my journey. Introducing my hammock, River Number 2; a blue and green floating cloud to carry me, to bring joy and comfort, to put a smile on my face, and to help me remember that Beauty remains and can be found in the most unlikely of places.

We all need to float sometimes- here’s a great place to get started!

– Wendy