Be the first to hang a cloud

We’ve been testing color cloud hammocks over the past months.  They’ve been hung out to weather the Cambodian monsoon season and the Alaskan midnight sun.  We’ve sent one off for testing in Belgium and one to Korea to make sure they are suitable for cloud customers who eat waffles and kim-chee.

As our final test before we launch Color Cloud live to the globe, we’re looking for 37 cloud consultants willing to test drive the first 37 unique hammocks we send out into the world.

At the bargain price of $37, you’ll be the first in your neighborhood to catch a cloud nap.  You get a deal and all we ask for is a photo, feedback on your Color Cloud experience and patience if there are any kinks in our brand new online ordering system. With 37 of you hanging your new hammocks across the globe, we can ensure we’ve got all our climate and cultural bases covered and colored.

Orders for the first 37 unique Color Clouds are “first-come, first-to-own a color cloud hammock” beginning at 11:00 AM EST on October 6 in celebration of Stephanie’s 37th birthday.  Hammocks purchased during the first week will ship by Halloween (we hope).

37 Cloud Conditions

  • one per person
  • first-come, first-owner
  • if you like your cloud, you’ll tell a friend
*If the 37 Color Cloud combo you want has already been sold, or you want to order more than one Cloud, never fear — you can pre-order more combos here at the “still-a-deal” introductory price of $57,  shipping at a later date.