We like to think of every day as Hammock Day, but it’s especially nice to have an official National Hammock Day come around every year on July 22.

This year, our friends at Nooga.com are celebrating with a feature all about hammocks, and we’re happy to be included as a local hammock authority. Here’s an excerpt:

A company with local ties is right in the middle of the hammock whirlwind.

Color Cloud Hammocks is a company started by Chattanoogan Tianna Buckwalter and her friends, Laura Grazler and Stephanie Zito. The three women met while traveling on a hospital ship in Africa. When the three were back in the United States—all living in Washington D.C.— they realized that this type of “travel” hammock was unusual here.

Zito remembers some of the reactions she received when she would hang out in her hammock on the porch.

“Our hammock seemed to have magical qualities,” she said. “People would stop to meet us, to chat, and to tell us that seeing our hammock brightened their day.”

Thanks, Nooga, for kicking off our Hammock Day celebrations. We’ll be toasting from a hammock sometime about happy hour. 🙂

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