What do you get when you mix energetic lime and dynamic black?

Why, the LifeKloud, of course.

Our newest hammock color combo is inspired by our friends over at the active social network LifeKraze. We like the LifeKraze colors (and the motto “live like it counts”) so much that we decided to make a special edition hammock for all the avid LifeKrazers. But before we could put it in our Color Cloud shop, we needed the perfect name. We canvassed LifeKrazers far and wide for submissions, and polled fans for their favorites. The entries set the bar so high, it was a tough challenge for the LifeKraze team to choose a winner, but after much deliberation, they succeeded.

The winning entry comes all the way from California, from the active LifeKrazer known as Cyrano de Bergerac. In addition to a lot of high fives, Cyrano will receive a 25% discount for a LifeKloud to join her hammock collection.

If you don’t know about LifeKraze, you’re missing out on a great community of positive, energetic people who are living life in full color, which is something we get excited about. Plus, you get the opportunity to discover great brands and good deals, like discounts on our hammocks.¬†And if you watch LifeKraze closely today (11.1.11), you may grab a special LifeKloud reward discount.

If you just can’t wait for the reward, don’t worry — get the LifeKloud hammock while colors last, and get busy hammocking like it counts.