We love mangoes.  In fact, we love mangoes so much that one time in Africa we bought a whole wheel barrow full of them to eat.  Mango jam, mango crepes, mango pie, mango shakes, mango chutney, mango daiquiris – there’s so many things you can do with mangoes.  But we have to admit that one of the best things to do with mangoes is to make Mango Salsa.

Spicy and sweet, tart and tangy, Mango Salsa is a tastebud sensation. And not only does it have culinary contrast, its combination of cayenne red and mango yellow are pretty eye catching too. Since cayenne and mango look so tasty together, we thought we’d take these flavors to the sky and make a Mango Salsa Color Cloud.

If you happen to be the kind of person who likes to eat chips with your Mango Salsa while dreaming of far away places, you may have also noticed that our Mango Salsa colors are the same hues used for the clues on the TV show The Amazing Race.  We like this show because it shows that traveling with someone is usually both sweet and spicy, and well, they go to lots of amazing places on their race around the globe.

Since Color Cloud Hammocks have already been on lots of around-the-world adventures since they hit the globe in October we’ve decided to chart the colors we’re already flying in our own Amazing Race.  Check out our new Cloud Tracker and send us a picture so we can post your pit stop.

Where in the world are you floating?

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