Color Cloud Hammocks was founded in October 2010 by three colorful friends who share a love for wandering and celebrating everyday moments, from backyards to beaches to back roads.

Why hammocks?

We’re always looking to make the world better by making it more colorful and fun.  After almost a decade of hanging our blue orange and yellow hammocks in dozens of places across the globe, we’ve noticed that hammocks not only make our own lives better, but our flying colors also brighten the days and faces of those who pass by while we are hanging out.

We thought, wouldn’t the world be more fun if all of our friends and family and neighbors had happy hammocks in all the colors of the rainbow to color their worlds?  Well, first we dreamed about it, and then we found a way to make it possible.

Why Color Cloud?

We spent lots of time hanging in our hammocks racking our brains for the best name for our hammock venture.   We asked our friends, we polled random strangers, we tried to be witty, and we tested every word that rhymes with hammock.  And after all the time we spent thinking, we realized that the perfect name was in the sky right above us, staring our prone hammock-hanging selves in the face.

Clouds are what you see on the best hammock days, and really, hanging in a hammock is as close as you can get to floating on a cloud this side of the rainbow.

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